DIY ‘Til I Die 

My desk is a mess this week and I don’t mind. When I get home after a crazy day at work, I find myself furiously crafting until I fall asleep, to keep my mind off of how incapable I am at my life in general. That was the circumstance every night this week.

On Monday I received the 360 yards of macrame cord that I ordered in the mail. From Pinterest, I  got the idea to use two brass hoops as a base for a wall hanging, and I came up with a design that I actually really like. On Tuesday I flat out copied Elsie Goodwin’s (@reformfibers) owl macrame wall hanging, except mine definitely didn’t cost $110 to make. I’ve followed Reform Fibers for a while now, and I’ve always wanted to recreate her owl wall hanging. I made almost an exact duplicate, all by studying the design and figuring out the pattern myself. If I can figure it out, anyone can. On Wednesday I made a more refined version of the owl, using a big stick I found outside as a base. I really like how it turned out compared to Tuesday’s prototype owl. Of course mine doesn’t look as nice as Reform Fibers’, but Elsie is obviously a pro and I’m a noob.

On Thursday I spent an hour watching Peter Sheeler on Youtube. He’s a watercolor artist and is ridiculously good at the line and wash technique. I want to be able to sketch something with a permanent pen as confidently as Peter Sheeler, but there is just no way. I can’t even draw a two dimensional building. I’m working on it.

On Friday night I started making two loaves of jalapeño cheddar bread. I baked them 15 hours later, and here we are. I need real hobbies.

4 thoughts on “DIY ‘Til I Die 

  1. I think you underestimate yourself with the talent you have.

    Your stuff are awesome, very innovative and impressive, I wish I had your talent! Great stuff!

    This new founded blog is now on my favourites list.

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