Workspace Goals

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On my Christmas wish list, I asked for my secret Santa to take apart my clunky office desk. I’ve been on a de-cluttering kick since I graduated, and seeing the ugly wooden desk in my room everyday reminded me of all the junk I’ve hoarded, just for the sake of hoarding.

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I donate my clothes every season, but I still have a very large closet with only five outfits that I regularly wear. I have a year’s worth of National Geographic and Time Magazines that I have not read, but will someday, but not yet because I’m busy. I have the most random trinkets that I like to look at, i.e. a collection of gems, because minerals rock. Or a miniature model of a pterodactyl skeleton in a glass display. You want thingamabobs? I’ve got twenty. After all, “The purpose of tchotchkes is to make you happy”, said Lorelai Gilmore. I am the queen of tchotchkes. If I had no self- control, my room would look like the Paxton Gate store in San Francisco or your grandmother’s attic.

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I bought the cheapest, most minimal desk from IKEA. So minimal in fact, that IKEA labels it as a “tabletop and legs” to avoid false advertisement. So far my new tabletop and legs make me feel productive as heck. There are no drawers for me to hide things in, forcing me to keep organized. I never want to leave my room, but what’s new?

Let the purge begin!

6 thoughts on “Workspace Goals

  1. i love your workspace. Very nicely done. Your light is great.

    BTW, looks like we have the same desk :). Becareful not to get the edges wet (wet hands?), mine’s started to peel. I’m looking to replace the table top with a new one soon.

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      1. You will be surprised with IKEA furniture. Mine is probably on it’s 7th year. Mine is a bit longer but has the same legs. Pretty sure it’s the same as I also recall it being cheap, the legs actually costed more than the table top. Just don’t get it wet and you can pass it on to your kids! Lol


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